Marketing Case Study

A new Health Club in a rural location with an investment of over €3m needed to know how to attract and maximise membership take up to the club in the initial months of operation.

We carried out a comprehensive competitive analysis of other clubs within a 50Km radius and prepared a micro marketing plan with measureable targets.

As a result of the competitive analysis a comprehensive tariff sheet was created covering anticipated peak and busy times in the club. A marketing plan was produced and executed, which encompassed all aspects of traditional marketing such as PR, Radio Advertising, Press Advertising, and also the use of new technologies such as SMS messaging and Internet marketing, as the target market was deemed to be 18 – 35, the biggest adopters to internet and mobile technology. The plan was launched 15 days before sales opened as a teaser campaign.

Membership rolled in the door with over 800 memberships being sold in the first 30 days. The profile of members covered all plans and the club has been a huge success. Renewals of memberships have been taken up at a 90% rate.

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