Outsourced Marketing Case Study

A Regional Tourism authority with limited manpower had carried out extensive consumer research in its nearest territory. They had the funding in place to create a promotional campaign to deliver the fruits of this research, but, did not have the manpower on board, nor the financial resources to employ, someone to take ownership of the project and to create the campaign and deliver the results.
We took on the project management and deliverance of this exciting re-birth into the market. By working closely with the research carried out, we briefed 3 branding companies and presentations were made to client, and a branding company selected and new brand created. From this, a complete advertising campaign was drawn up targeted at the segments of the market outlined by the research as having the best return for the destination.

We prepared an extensive consumer advertising campaign, encompassing, television, radio, bill board, bus shelter, bus and newspaper which re-created the brand of the destination in the minds of the consumer. Measurement of the campaign was achieved through a national toll free number and also visitor numbers on a new web site.

A new Brand for the destination was launched into the territory and subsequently into all markets national and international. The advertising campaign received strong reaction with record numbers using the toll free number and visiting the web site.

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